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Welcome to RavInc, the one stop shop for all your rave needs. We offer a variety of clothing to get you set for any party, accessories to accent your style, lights to show off your skill, and headwear to top it off. To start shopping head to our Categories.



Just in - Cyber Lights Set!

We've got in a new cyberpunk themed light set with rave season coming around (but does rave season ever really end?) Click the pic for details. View More


7.15.13 Production Continues

With a new day comes new material, we're slowly getting there.

7.16.13 Production Halts

With a new day comes new assignments, we'll be back at it tomorrow.

7.17.13 Production Renewed

Just as promised we are back. Expect to see the site online shortly.

9.17.13 Presentation Day

The big day has come to show off the site. Let\'s all hope things go well tomorrow!

9.18.13 I\'m Here

Presentation time.