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Hello, my name is Darrell Johnson.
I am a dedicated designer who can work his way through any challenge. I am from Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from Milford Mill Academy as an honors student. After moving to York, Pennsylvania I graduated from The Arts Institute of York. I'm skilled in HTML coding, PHP, and Javascript. My impressive talents also include Adobe Programs, like Photoshop and Illustrators, as well as Photography. I also have an interest in Game Design, and would like to become a lead project director in the future. My ideal job would be directing videogames, then crafting the site and other interactive media for them myself. I've always liked how creative designers are when promoting entertainment and I really want to be apart of something like that.
What really sets me apart from any other person in my field is my drive. I know where I want to be in the next 10 years and I will obtain the knowledge, as well as the experience I need to get there.




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